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                                    Jacksonville Texas Police Department Citizen Satisfaction Survey

Mission Statement: "The mission of the Jacksonville Police Department is to reduce and prevent future crime through effective community policing. The purpose of modern law enforcement is to serve and protect the community in which it serves, but also to educate, communicate with, and work together with all stakeholders of the City of Jacksonville. The reduction and prevention of crime come through cooperation with citizens and the proper training of the police which ensures the City of Jacksonville is a safe place to live,work, and to visit."


Administrative Goals Manage resources to effectively and efficiently accomplish the department'sDSCFa operational goals in the near and distant future. Manage personnel resources in a professional manner to encourage personnel to develop their talents for the mutual benefit of themselves and the department. Provide continual effective coordination of department activities with municipal administration and other municipal departments. Encourage communication and cooperation with other criminal justice agencies.





 Operational Goals Maintain a positive community opinion of the departmentDSCFa through the professional behavior of personnel. Minimize the occurrence of crime through preventive efforts by department personnel and through the encouragement of involvement by groups and individual citizens. Identify, apprehend and assist in prosecution of persons suspected of committing crimes. Recover lost and stolen property, identify owners and make proper disposition. Minimize personal injury and property damage resulting from traffic accidents. Protect the constitutional rights of all persons. Render reasonable assistance to people as the need for assistance is observed or requested.


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